Partnerships & Commitments

CSR partnerships and commitments


TCE supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and aim to be an enabler of long-term sustainability and growth for our communities. Our goals and aims are aligned with the SDGs, which guide our operations and activities at all levels.


– Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
The UN SDGs 2030 cover the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental.

The SDGs 2030 are characterized by five principles:

  • Leave no one behind
  • Put sustainable development at the core
  • Transform economies for jobs and inclusive growth
  • Build peace and effective, open and accountable institutions for all
  • Forge new global partnerships.


– A sustainability vision for Egypt 2030

By 2030, Egypt will possess a competitive, balanced and diversified economy, dependent on innovation and knowledge, based on justice, social integrity and participation, characterized by a balanced and diversified ecological collaboration system, and investing the ingenuity of place and humans to achieve sustainable development and to improve Egyptians’ quality of life. TCE is already committed to these ideals, which are reflected in our corporate activities and objectives. Consequently, we believe we have a key role to play in furthering this vision of the Egypt of the future.


– Aligning priorities with the UN SDGs 2030
TCE’s objectives are fully aligned with the UN SDG 2030 goals, ensuring our support for them furthers the achievemnet of our own aims.
We are particullarly supporting the following UN SDG 2030, based on our community study findings, materialy assesments and national priorities.

Given the adoption of the UN SDGs and vision for Egypt, TCE focuses to better understand how material issues and business priorities relate with specific SDGs so as to align future action plans with national plans for the SDGs 2030.

From our current assessment and stakeholders feedback, we consider as more relevant and important the following: