Alexandria Portland Cement Company (APCC)

Alexandria Portland Cement Company (APCC)


Alexandria Portland Cement Company(APCC) is one of the market leaders in the cement industry, under the management of TITAN Group. It is a vertically integrated cement producer, combining an entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence with respect for people, society and the environment. The company has always had a people-oriented approach.


The development of Alexandria Portland Cement Company is supported by the efficient and flexible administrative and organizational structure and by implementing academic programs and training employees on different levels and sectors. Moreover, we are a powerful group that supports institutional values and realizes the importance of CSR, alongside sustainable development as a main pillar.


Titan Group “corporate social responsibility (CSR)” involves everything we perform. Meanwhile, we constantly invest in our employees with the objective of improving their skills on the personal and professional level to ensure a bright sustainable future for them.


Alexandria Portland Cement Company’s responsibility towards the society and its sustainable commitment is displayed in its policies and practices, as well as its effective participation in numerous initiatives.


Alexandria Portland Cement Company (APCC) is a member of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX), one of the oldest established stock markets in the Middle East.