Emissions Monitoring System

Emissions monitoring system


Monitoring and reporting our air emissions is part of our effort to tackle our impact on the environment and an essential part of our environment management system. TCE is applying an online monitoring system to measure and report air emissions as required. Results are transferred directly to the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency control room. This enables us to monitor the emissions closely in real time and take action accordingly.


For emission data quality assurance, calibration and emission measurements work is carried out by university, governmental third-party and specialized international laboratories.  Based on these monitoring programs, we are able to make the right decisions regarding environment protection projects, as well as provide interested stakeholders with regular, updated information on our performance.




As part of our carbon footprint management, we report our CO2 emissions publicly on a voluntary basis, applying the WBCSD/CSI Protocol version 3. Data are also used for a global industry benchmark, the GRI CSI data bank.


We are very pleased to state that in 2015 our cement kiln and mill dust emission levels were in full compliance with legal limits and regulations stipulated by the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency, as well as European Union and International Finance Corporation limits. This is a direct result of our implementation of best available technologies and best practice. We continue to invest in developing our expertise, as well as in state-of-the-art control equipment.