Environmental Performance

Measuring our environmental performance


TCE has invested in dust emission control systems to incorporate the best available techniques worldwide, ensuring compliance with local and international emission standards.


We are committed to sustainable development and our ambition is to be acknowledged as standard bearers for the Egyptian cement industry for sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by mitigating negative operational activities.


APCC Dust Emissions & Water Consumption Q3 2017

APCC Dust Emissions & Water Consumption Q2 2017

APCC Dust Emissions & Water Consumption Q1 2017

APCC Water Consumption Q4 2016

APCC Dust Emissions Q4 2016

APCC Water Consumption Q3 2016

APCC Dust Emissions Q3 2016

Water Consumption Q2 2016

Dust Emissions Q2 2016