Health & Safety

Health & Safety


Health and safety is a top priority for us, at all times and in all we do. We aim to build a culture of awareness and care across the company and beyond – at home, in schools and in the community. TCE engages closely both with employees and contractors, and with external partners and communities to embed health and safety in all our operations.


Having recognized health and safety as a material issue – not only in the workplace but also at home, at school and in the community – we are working on the development and implementation of targeted, selected initiatives that will create a wider culture of awareness and care:


  • Our Occupational Health & Safety Policy clearly defines the role of everyone involved in achieving and continuously improving our strong culture of accident prevention in all our operations.
  • We have strict safety systems and processes in place across both Group and business unit levels, monitored by the Group’s Health and Safety division.
  • We continuously monitor, measure, develop and improve our health and safety performance.
  • We are committed to staffing our production sites with sufficient safety officers.
  • We run educational programs to train and educate our direct employees and contractors.
  • Our Annual Safety Awards recognize the Group’s best performers and the most innovative initiatives.




TCE has also  undertaken specific actions to strengthen its safety performance. These include: on-the-job training to weave safety into all daily tasks; and zero-base reviews of selected work processes’ safety improvement programs to enhance the safety skills of employees and contractors, in addition to:


  • Employees’ safety performance
  • Contractors’ safety performance
  • Site audits and preventing incidents
  • Communicating health and safety
  • Celebrating world occupational health and safety day
  • Contractor safety days
  • Health and safety committees


TCE also offers a high-standard private medical coverage above what is required by law for our direct employees and their families.