Our Governance Structure

Our Governance Structure


TCE has a governance structure in place that fully complies with TITAN Group’s governance objective, corporate values, and international and EU standards, and in many instances we go beyond local legal requirements.


We believe that good corporate governance creates long-term value for our stakeholders. Our aim is that all stakeholders benefit from the way we do business.
Our corporate governance principles and Code of Conduct, along with our values, guide us through every aspect of our business.


For us, good corporate governance is synonymous with ethical business practices, transparency, open communication, accountability and sustainable development.


Our Group Code of Conduct

TITAN Group’s Code of Conduct defines the framework of agreed-upon principles and commitment to all of the company’s stakeholders, including employees, their families, customers, suppliers and society in general. These principles include promoting human rights, eliminating forced labor and discrimination, and advancing environmental sustainability and stakeholder engagement. All local policies are expected to comply with the Code.




Our Group Code of Procurement

Our supply chain is integral to the organization’s sustainability practices in accordance with TITAN Group’s Code of Procurement. It guides the selection, management and evaluation of the suppliers who provide us with goods and services.


Our management systems

TCE has adhered to ISO international standards since 2004. In 2015, the Beni Suef Cement Company renewed the ISO management system certifications below; the Alexandria Portland Cement renewed the same certifications in 2014.