People Management

Our approach to people management


We believe that an effective and engaged workforce should live our values and have a strong understanding of our Code of Conduct. Following the update of our Code of Conduct, a People Management Framework was launched to provide all TITAN operations with clear and consistent guidance on how to address people-related issues. Based on TITAN’s values, the framework serves as the pathway towards the accomplishment of our vision. It applies both to direct employees and to our business associates, and serves as a model for all people-related policies developed at local level.


The framework includes guidance on building and retaining an engaged workforce, building trust by living our values and respecting human rights.


We apply equal opportunity principles in all our employment selection decisions, while also taking account of local employment needs. We respect human rights, promoting them within our area of influence and ensuring a safe and compliant working environment.


The Group’s latest worldwide employee opinion survey was completed in 2015, with an 82% participation rate among TCE employees. The survey revealed that over 70% of our employees feel that TCE has a strong safety culture and engages well with its employees. The survey also highlighted opportunities for improvement, such as improving communication across all organizational levels, and management development. We have put in place action plans at country level to address these opportunities.