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Green Alternative Energy Assets (GAEA) is an Egyptian company offering solutions for waste management and alternative fuels production. GAEA Egypt is a company fully owned and managed by TITAN Cement Egypt and TITAN S.A.

GAEA was meant, since its beginning, to represent the alternative fuel vehicle of TCE to provide its kilns in both Alexandria and Beni Suef plants with their needs then to expand its activities in the market as an alternative fuel producer offering these services to others.

GAEA Egypt commenced operation in 2016, producing refuse-derived fuel from municipal solid waste in Alexandria to supply the local cement plant, and dried sewage sludge and biomass for Beni Suef plant. Co-processing rate in TITAN Egypt is improving sustainably since its start-up in2016.In 2021, Alexandria plant exceeded 20% Alternative Fuels Thermal Substitution Rate (TSR) while Beni-Suef plant reached 10% TSR.