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We aim to grow as an international, vertically integrated cement producer, combining an entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence with respect for people, society and the environment.


TITAN’s growth-oriented strategy is based on talent, skills, culture and organization and relies on the triptych “decarbonize–digitize–deliver” to transform the Group so that it can tap into new sources of growth.


We seek to grow by transforming our business, focusing on resilience and innovation to serve our customers more efficiently as we move towards a carbon-neutral world. Our decarbonization strategy includes a comprehensive set of levers to reduce emissions of cement production, while offering new innovative products to our customers that will meet their needs for durable and sustainable building materials, leveraging the Group’s unique assets and competencies.


We have been among the pioneers in our sector in implementing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital solutions in our operations. Significant innovations have already been implemented, with measurable impact in operational efficiency. Leveraging this momentum, we aim to continue improving our operating performance and customer experience, by leveraging big data and AI to develop a digitally empowered and efficient operating model, provide cutting-edge digital solutions for our customers, reduce production inputs and energy consumption, and decrease CO₂ emissions.


We aim to leverage our continuous performance improvement record to deliver operational excellence in manufacturing, supply chain and customer experience. We will continue to focus on cost-to-produce and cost-to-serve as well as on providing solutions and a superior customer experience across all our businesses.

Building capabilities and developing talent

The foundation of our growth-oriented strategic plan is our long tradition of building capabilities and developing talent, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a values-driven culture. Our strategic plan encompasses, and is powered by, an accelerated drive to transform by further building and developing our talent, in our core competences as well as in new skillsets.

Developing our growth platform

Leveraging operational excellence, superior customer engagement, the decarbonization of our operations and our digitally enabled operational model, we will develop our growth platform by capitalizing on opportunities to strengthen and extend our current core business as well as by pursuing opportunities in new sources of value in the building materials value chain.


Our values are at the core of who we are; they guide our strategy and provide the foundation for all our operations. They have provided our people with a strong bond and supported the growth that has sustained us for over a century, stemming directly from the principles, beliefs and vision of our founders back in 1902. They remain the solid basis of our culture and family spirit.


  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparency
  • Open communication
  • Good governance


  • Enhancement of our knowledge base
  • Proficiency in every function
  • Excellence in core competencies


  • Anticipation of customer needs
  • Innovative solutions
  • High quality products and services


  • Shareholder value
  • Clear objectives
  • High standards


  • Learning organization
  • Willingness to change
  • Rise to challenges


  • Safety first
  • Sustainable development
  • Stakeholder engagement