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Materiality assessment is an ongoing process that provides the foundation for the development and implementation of our sustainability strategy.

TITAN Cement Egypt has been conducting materiality assessment as a standard process since 2014 following the TITAN Group standards with high consideration to our internal and external stakeholders’ perspectives. The materiality assessment process is vital to effectively identify, manage, and report on pertinent ESG risks and opportunities.

Focusing on material issues is becoming increasingly important in developing a coherent, inclusive and consistent sustainability strategy.
We review and update the materiality assessment following TITAN Group standards, taking into consideration local and national stakeholders.

Material issues are ranked according to their impact and importance, for both the external stakeholders, and the management of the company who is
responsible for decision-making and for shaping the business model.

We are committed to align our strategy and business action plans with material issues of our stakeholders’ highest priority and work towards meeting their needs, using the SDG’s 2030 as a “compass”.

From the current assessments and stakeholder feedback, we consider the following SDGs relevant and important to us: