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We aim to make a positive contribution to sustainable community development, supporting and participating in the wider communities in which we operate. TCE aims to be at all times a good neighbor.

Our operations are local and our relationship with neighboring communities around our operations is fundamental to meeting our strategic objectives. We work with local stakeholders such as public authorities, civic society groups, academia and business partners to ensure we understand local needs and stakeholders’ expectations, and we incorporate feedback received into our plans and activities.

We dedicate both financial and non-financial resources for local development. While priorities vary from one community to another, they usually fall into one of our strategic social investment themes: support for health, safety, environment, employment and education.

TCE supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and aims to be an enabler of long-term sustainability and growth for our communities. Our goals and aims are aligned with the SDGs, which guide our operations and activities at all levels.



“At TITAN Cement Egypt, corporate social responsibility is a shared responsibility and a common vision: “To pursue at all times our business goals and create value, in an ethical and socially responsible manner, doing less harm, and endeavoring to do more good”.
Since 2012, in line with our commitment, continuous improvement and engagement with our stakeholders, our community activities are directed by the feedback we receive through engaging with all stakeholders during meetings / events that are tackled in the following CSR committees:

  • Cement Plant CSR committees chaired by Plant Managers.
  • A Central Committee located in the Cairo head office, chaired by the CEO.


For TITAN Cement Egypt, ensuring our business has a positive impact on society and the local communities around our facilities is of great importance.

Our respect and genuine interest in the communities we engage with has helped us build trust. We are proud of our role as a caring, active corporate citizen that works closely with local stakeholders to improve their quality of life and create shared value

  • 1,100 participants from neighborhood.
  • Socio economic study through independent specialized NGO.
  • Serving more than 70,000 residents.
  • Community engagement plan and three year partnership agreement.
  • Health care study through independent specialized NGO.
  • More than 450 trained people in welding workshop.
  • Welding workshop in vocational
    technical center.
  • Neighborhood satisfaction
  • More than 1,300 students and school staff.
  • Public elementary school uplifting and revamp after assessment by reputable NGO
  • Serving more than 35,000 child and youth in neighborhood.
  • Playground building and equipping for youth and children.
  • Serving more than 150,000 patients.
  • Positive feedback received by local and examining independent auditors.
  • Partnership to improve healthcare services through
    independent specialized NGO.
  • Maintain all partnerships in our
    local communities despite the
    hard conditions of pandemic and the unfavorable financial status of TITAN Egypt.