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TITAN BETON and Aggregates Egypt (TBAE) is a subsidiary of TCE and specializes in the production, distribution and the sales of ready-mix concrete in the area of 6th of October City in Giza Governorate and Damietta. TBAE provides ready-mix directly to customers’ locations, in addition to a pumping service and quality assurance.

TBAE has four batch plants with an annual production capacity of 450 km3 and owns a fleet of 27 Truck Mixers and 9 concrete pumps of various lengths (28, 36, 42 & 52m).

Concrete is produced by mixing cement, water, and aggregates. One cubic meter of concrete mixture contains approximately 300 kg of cement, 150 liters of water and 2 tons of aggregates. Depending on the admixture formula selected the concrete produced has different properties aimed to address our customers’ diverse needs.

We produce all types of concrete:

Standard Mixes:

Starting from Strength 150 Kg/cm2 (Plan Concrete) till 350 Kg/cm2 (RFT Concrete).

High Strength Mixes:

Starting from Strength 400 Kg/cm2 till 600 Kg/cm2
Light Weight Concrete (≤ 2 Ton/M3)
Self-Compacting Concrete (≥ 350 Kg/Cm2)
Screed – Fibers – Concrete – Colored Concrete and Precast Walls

TBAE has boosted its brand equity by targeting high-end developers enriching and diversifying its customer portfolio to best cater to the needs of our customers.